Safety Regulations

  1. Any person arriving at the Riga shooting range must present a valid identification document (Passport or National Identification Card) that clearly shows their full name and date of birth.
  1. All people visiting the shooting range in Riga, must follow the safety rules and instructions given by the instructors of the gun range. Should a person fail to follow the safety rules, and/or any instructions are given by the instructors that individual will be removed from the premises.
  1. All individuals are allowed to enter the Riga shooting range only after they have familiarized themselves with the Safety Regulations and provided a signature in the safety regulations journal.
  1. No individual will be allowed to enter the Riga gun range under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, illegal drugs, or other harmful substances. No consumption of said substances is permitted at the shooting range.
  1. Individuals are only allowed to move to the shooting line and to take a shooting position after the instructors permit them to do so. Any firearm and/or ammunition in the possession of an individual must not be left unattended and can only be passed on to other individuals after the instructor of the Riga shooting permits them to do so.
  1. Firearms shall not be touched (or moved) without permission from an instructor of Riga shooting and while there is an individual between the shooting line and the targets.
  1. All firing and reloading must only be conducted upon the orders of the Riga shooting range instructors and only in places designated by them as safe to do so. It is not permitted to cross the shooting line or to leave it before the instructors have explicitly permitted to do so.
  1. Individuals must stop all activities once Riga shooting instructor commands `Stop!` or says any other word/expression with the same meaning. After the command `Unload!` the firearms must be unloaded immediately. When unloaded the firearms must be kept with the individual at the shooting line and be shown immediately to the instructor upon his request.
  1. All individuals must verify that the arms and magazines are empty when leaving the shooting line. It is prohibited to leave the shooting line while the gun is loaded and/or the magazine is charged.
  1. Failure to use auxiliary shooting equipment (such as shooting goggles and ear defenders) while shooting in Riga may result in injuries. Every individual is personally responsible to wear auxiliary shooting equipment. Instructors of Riga shooting have the right to refuse entry to or expel from the shooting range customers that do not comply with this rule. Riga shooting range does not accept any responsibility in case of injuries caused to participants or shooters who ignore these rules.
  1. It is prohibited to aim at people, raise firearms in the air or aim at any objects which are not the targets.
  1. Should a person notice anything which may create an unsafe environment at the shooting range in Riga, they should bring it to an instructor`s attention immediately.
  1. Persons under the age of 18 must wear the ear defenders while being at the shooting range in Riga. All individuals are advised to wear ear defenders when on the shooting line.
  1. Arms and ammunition brought inside the Riga shooting gallery by visitors may be used at the gun range only after the instructions have explicitly permitted them to do so. When an individual arrives at the gun shooting Riga with their firearms or ammunition, the instructors must be notified immediately. Any firearms and ammunition can be taken out from the cases (bags, boxes, etc.) only in the presence of the instructor and after permission is received.
  1. It is strictly forbidden to bring anything (bullets, bullet casing, etc.) outside of the gun range Riga without explicit permission by the administration.
  1. It is prohibited to photograph or take any records (video or audio) at the Riga shooting range without the explicit permission of the gun range administrator. The administrator has the rights to confiscate any equipment should a person fail to comply with these requirements.